That Other Side of the Coin

Jul 8, 2021 | 2015 Fall - Pick a Side, Poetry

By Chiquita Violette

Eras long ago, I’d chosen but it be blasphemy
How selfish am I, if that one side is me?
If selecting to thrive in the ecstatic life,
Unplugged, hermetic from sempiternal strife,
Divine, someone at these same crosses could?
Is that not also for community or am I just up to know good?

Some may say, my paths meander that left side of history
Yet so-called “right side” is a mutable, subjective “mystery.”
Façade perceptions, persuasions, perspectives lack merit,
I groove in tune with whatever, moves, soothes and cools my spirit.
Call me apostatic with insouciant, #unfiltered flair,
To speak my inner peace, a sybaritic whim to dare.

Artist. Iconoclast. LipglossFemme. OldSouled. InnerChild. ElectricLady. Queen.

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