Shoe Society

Aug 3, 2016 | 2016 Summer - Labels, Articles

By Why Not Both Co

A colorful comic, with dialogue as follows:

Store Clerks: Welcome to Shoe Society!
Clerk 1: These are our most popular shoes. I just know you'll love them.
Clerk 1: They look perfect on you!
Customer: They're not really my style...
Clerk 2: In that case, you should try on these. They were practically MADE for you!
Clerk 2: These look so much better!
Customer: They still don't FEEL right.
Customer: Can you reach those for me?
Clerk 2: We CARRY those?
Clerk 1: Are you... SURE?
Customer: Yes!
Clerks: *Get shoes*
Customer: GAAASSP! *purchases shoes, walks out wearing shiny purple sneakers*

Why Not Both Co is a duo incorporating humor and inclusivity through online comics. The duo consists of the bisexual creators AV and Amanda Wells.

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