By Kelsie Taylor

another day. i scroll on instagram.
a girl tells me of cops and mental health,
while underneath, the default pfp
calls her “attention whore.” i woke at 4

pm. i scroll some more. a boy wearing
“girl’s clothes” (i checked the bio for he/him)
gave two people a brand-new ipad air.
a user said they wished to gun him down,

for he had bought it with bikini pics.
i like the swimsuit. it reminds me of
the one i bought myself. a comment says
to stay away from kids. i scroll some more.

i find a streetside interview that asks
for people’s unpopular truths. one guy
hates bars. another hates new songs.
the last one hates “woke” people and would fight

a “bio” man if he saw that she went
into the women’s bathroom. i had to go,
myself. i left the phone behind. but far
within my mind, i scrolled the comments still.

Kelsie Taylor is a queer, trans woman who grew up in Texas, New Mexico, and California. She is interested in using formal poetic structure to better express and understand the difficult experience of being queer in the modern world.

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