Responses to Your Inappropriate Assumptions about my Sexual Identity

Jul 8, 2021 | 2015 Fall - Pick a Side, Poetry

By K. R. Eggler

You must be a lesbian.
Are you a lesbian?
You have lesbian hair.
You have to be a lesbian.
Oh. Then you must be straight?
Even if you have that hair?
You should grow your hair out if you ever want men to be into you.
I see it.
You wear dresses.
The makeup.
Not a lesbian.
The opposite.
You’re straight.
So you’re straight.
But you’re not a lesbian.
What else could you even be?
Don’t you have to be one or the other?
Straight or gay?
Oh my god, are you one of those greedy bisexuals?
That’s so hot.
Are you into threesomes?
Not with me?
What does that mean?
What does that mean?
Are you into pans?
How about woks?
Why are you walking away?
I’m just joking!
Don’t take everything so seriously!
You gotta pick a side!
What do you mean you don’t?”

I mean that as a person who uses queer, pansexual, and bisexual to describe their sexual fluidity, my sexual identity is my own and I will not be defined by your binaric and outdated concepts.


K. R. Eggler is an undergraduate student at the University of Minnesota Morris. They work as the LGBTQIA Advocate on campus and in gender-inclusive housing where they help bridge the gap between students and university staff and faculty

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