Pick a Side

Jul 8, 2021 | 2015 Fall - Pick a Side, Poetry

By Toby Adams

Which team do you play for?
Boy or Girl, wear your hair long
in jeans and t-shirt
Fixing cars and sewing dresses
Date Men or Women,
their soft skin, rough hands
curves, innies and outies
Gay or Straight
In the parade, on the sidelines
In society, and marginalized
Christian or Pagan
Loving God and Earth
Higher Power of my understanding
Daddy or Mommy
Live with which parent when they split
Be which when I become the parent
Pick a side
I am Bisexual
I am Child, Human
I am a Child of both parents
Father, Mother, God, Goddess
I am a Parent of my child
In love with Human Beings
In all their amazing ways of being
I am Bi

Toby Adams is a bisexual lawyer and activist, founding member of “BiLaw” bisexual lawyers group and one of the principal authors of the BiLaw amicus brief filed in the Obergefell marriage case (2015). Toby also founded “Intersex and Genderqueer Recognition Project” (2012), Placer County chapter of Marriage Equality USA (2004), and chaired South Bay Bisexual Organizers and Activists (2000). tobyshome.wordpress.com  www.TobyAdamsLaw.com

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