Meet the BWQ Intern Team!

Dec 8, 2023 | 2024 Winter - Bi+ World Wide Web

Vincy (they/he), Social Media and Outreach Coordinator, is a trans creative from Hong Kong, currently based in so-called “Australia.” They are particularly keen to connect with queer global majority populations around the world. 

“During a time where we’re simultaneously seeing advancement in Queer rights, as well as the intense backlash against the community globally, it’s all the more important to build solidarity with communities around the world. I am excited about connecting bi+ voices globally.

Lejla (she/her), Social Media and Outreach Coordinator, is a 24-year-old bisexual woman from Bosnia & Herzegovina, who is building her career in genetics and biological sciences. She’s ardently given her time to fight for LGBTI+ and women’s rights in her homeland. 

“One thing that excites me the most about working with BWQ is the profound sense of connection and representation I’ve experienced since I began following them years ago, on a friend’s recommendation. Engaging with the stories and perspectives of the numerous women who have contributed to the publication over the years has been an incredibly validating experience for me. The idea of contributing to BWQ’s mission and potentially helping someone else see a reflection of their own experience—to think that I could be a part of someone else’s journey toward acceptance and understanding, in the same way that BWQ was a part of mine, is deeply inspiring.”

Emily is a U.S. graduate student in her 20s who is studying to become a certified mental health professional. As a bisexual woman from the South, she hopes her time at BWQ will contribute to making a positive change for those affected by conservative restrictions on women’s health, and teach her more about advocating for the bi+ community. 

“Working with BWQ to help amplify voices from the bi+ community through art and writing is so exciting for me. Each issue is so unique and highlights different people I would have never been exposed to otherwise. I love bringing our bi+ community together and being able to help maintain this safe space for anybody and everybody who wants to find their place under our umbrella.”


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