Jazz Under a Full Moon/ Poem for Bill Evans

Aug 1, 2018 | 2018 Summer - Bodies, Poetry

By Jane Barnes

For Gordon

I first hear you in a house where
my mother is dying with a plastic
tube up her nose

and love has left me
after ten years and gone to
South America and I am driving

to a gym at midnight on Route 5
under moonlight and I put in
your tape sent by a faraway friend

and the fact that love’s died and even
I will die and the moon shrink
to the size of a noose and

even you Bill Evans will die in fact
he’s already died and I will
never run long enough on the

running machine to get skinny
again so what it’s glorious
‘cause look at the moon it’s as

bright as a fried egg and look at
me alive with a little egg
on my face

Jane Barnes is a long-time New Yorker, currently living in Staten Island.

Editor’s note: Bill Evans (1929-1989) was an American jazz pianist and composer.

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