Introducing Emily Solis, BWQ’s New Intern

Sep 1, 2023 | 2023 Fall - Bi+ Joy

Emily Solis (she/her) is a graduate student working towards becoming a certified mental health professional. She hopes to help bridge the gap between mental health resources/services and minority groups who don’t have adequate access to them. Though passionate about mental health, she also has a love for the arts, music and writing in particular, and initially started college as a music major. Between school and everyday life, she doesn’t find much time to practice her instrument, but occasionally writes poetry or short stories.

As someone born and raised in the South, the recent change to laws regarding women’s autonomy has further spurred her into activism and inspired her to take a stand by spreading awareness. As a bisexual woman, she hopes her time at BWQ will contribute to making a positive change for those affected by these conservative restrictions on women’s health, and teach her more about advocating for the bi+ community.  


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