Fractured Advice

Mar 1, 2024 | 2024 Spring - Letters to Myself

By Mary Jane Blank

To create is to love. Not a singular love absorbed into one subject, but the all-encompassing love for everything. Everything exists and you interpret. You recreate love with your style and perspective into an entertaining grotesque parody. The simulation of life as a protection from life itself. Never lose your connection to the ephemeral.

Appreciate debauchery. Embrace ecstasy. Destroy the moment.

The love divine is that which you can feel yet not understand: the rift between reality and fantasy. Stand in between them, one foot in both. Embrace the real, the physical, the tactile. Embrace the imagined, the beautiful, the phantasmagorical. Seek friendship and believe. Trust and you can be trustworthy. Love and you will be loved.

Mary Jane Blank is a bisexual transgender screenwriter from Los Angeles, California.

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