Fluid with a side of fashion

Jul 8, 2021 | 2015 Fall - Pick a Side

By Gwendolyn Fougy Henry

Clothes shopping stresses me out! Segregated clothing sections trigger panic, downpours of sweat, dizziness, terror and tears. Androgynous stores: where are the options for humans with curves?

My spouse is really good at clothes shopping; he goes to both the men’s and women’s sections and selects some dope options for me. Men’s shoe size 8.5, women’s shoe size 10. Buttoned down shirts, vests, blazers, sports bras, jeans, construction boots. Eh, can I borrow your Joop? I’ll pass on the bow tie. Sure, I’ll wear a dress, bra, red nail polish for a super Haitian femme look, with a mist of rosewater on my face. Shall I wear heels or oxford shoes?  I may even put on some vegan cruelty-free makeup. Nah man, no blush for me. Hair shaved on the sides, long locs with colorful yarn for pop. Genderfluid. Je ne veux pas choisir un côté.

Gwendolyn Fougy Henry, Ed.M., MSLIS is an Archivist, Librarian, Information Manager, Researcher, Writer, and Community Organizer. More of her writings can be found at: gwendolynhenry.tumblr.com.

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