Digital awakening

Dec 8, 2023 | 2024 Winter - Bi+ World Wide Web, Poetry

By Bojana

In the shelter of the web’s embrace,
A realm both vast, both virtual and base,
I wandered, lost, in forums, chats, and sites,
Seeking self amidst the countless bytes.

In the glow of screens, both young and old,
A question loomed, a story yet untold.
Was my affection for dear Una true?
Was it friendship, or a love anew?

The world wide web, it held the key,
Reflections of countless souls like me.
Blogs and posts, stories raw and real,
Gave voice to feelings I’d long concealed.

In the daycare of our past, so far and gone,
Society’s rules, they played us like a pawn.
Pink for girls, blue for boys stage,
Yet, why can’t trucks and dolls engage?

Even then, a spark inside me grew,
Against the norms, a voice that knew.
Una’s laugh, our shared snowball fights,
Challenged the roles and set things right.

But the net gave us a world to see,
Beyond our small town’s decree.
Together we’d surf, and stories we’d find,
Of love that doesn’t confine.

For in this digital world so vast,
We found our answers at long last.
No longer adrift, no longer alone,
our truths are finally shown.

Bojana, born in the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina, finds her joy in the world of arts and crafts of all sorts. Mostly she crafts things to turn her living space into a cozy, personalized haven where she can write and be free.

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