*Dancing* Dragon *Flames* Reborn

Jul 22, 2021 | 2010 Fall - Bi and Single, Poetry

By Jay Bookworm

Divinity: from which all things come and to which they return
Dance: matter and spirit mingle and begin to flow in motion
Dream: the cohesion of ideas into a multifaceted vision
Desire: sharing and honoring the circle of life in community
Darkness: the place of growth, beyond fear to love.
Behold the beloved woman I call the great dragon goddess, born of fire.
She is the empress of the morning and the evening star whose name is of a holy place.
A dancing dragon transformed by the shedding of skin and spreading of wings,
She invents new ways to be a flame thrower, engaging in covert combat.
Her revelry is revealing. Each cue connected to choreography of challenges.
All acts of love and pleasure are her rituals. Crush: weighty word: best blessing, worst curse.
She breathes dragon’s fire, but my fearful pain will not dispel my love. Blessed be.
Once upon a time, said the dragon-hunting hero, the dragon and dame morphed into one being!
As the hero, I embrace her scales, as the surprisingly tender texture of her sensual beauty,
And her flaming words, as the illuminating, fierce tenderness of her visionary voice.
In guiding me to a more balanced knowledge, I grow as I glow and glow as I grow.
My heart says: Go if you must, but I hope you will stay.
Crush: a lightning bolt to the heart, lightening my loneliness,
A stylized fireball that shape-shifts within the volcano of my consciousness.
Smoldering, like the slow flow of lava from the heavens that sent my divinely inspired desire.
As above, so below, and how often I have wanted to go down, to touch upon her earth.
With no words to weigh down my tongue and with no thoughts or fears to keep me silent.
If I could dance as she does, then I could express my love in a language she speaks fluently.
I say now, “as you wish my lady”, despite her persistent scorn and unjust accusations.
Crush: weighty word: best blessing, worst curse.
My body stutters, but my dream spirit soars as we fly together, like in Avatar.
Our bond can be wordless love. Even in her willful blindness, I still see her.
Patience with illusions, hers, mine and ours, distinctions within temporary technicalities.
Symbolically scorched and smoky, bathing in her fiery breath,
I declare “may she never hunger nor thirst” consuming flesh and blood of service and devotion.
Transfixed and transformed via my bodily, soulful offering for the love feast,
I realize we protect and sculpt the same energy in myriad melds of creativity.
Heartbreak, force within form, provides release from pressure of separation.
Post-volcanic eruption, sacred androgyne, bridal chamber, unified self emerges enlightened.
Darkness: where enlightenment is first sensed in solitude
Desire: the creative will emerges in art, poetry, music and dance
Dream: the flame manifests in the mouths of all who are transformed
Dance: healing poetry in motion, emerging from the shadows, slowly.
Divinity: the body-mind-spirit energy passed from one to another.
Though she breathes dragon’s fire, we dance within the flames together. Blessed be.

Jay Bookworm, a gender queer, differently abled, pagan poet performing and volunteering in the Dallas area, wrote this poem in honor of a bisexual woman, whose creative dedication inspires the communities that she serves.

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