By Shady Kimzey and TJ Mundy

Jun 1, 2023 | 2023 Summer - Bi+ History

Artists’ statement: These three pieces (see pages 1 and 11 for other pieces) are in direct reaction to anti-trans, anti-drag, anti-gay legislature and cultural attitudes being pushed forward. It feels like an intimidation tactic to make our bodies, art, and identities illegal. We made these pieces with a sense of urgency with the materials we had on hand. Pillows we slept on and clothes we wore as trans and queer people. It is meant to be intimate. “We are not going anywhere” refers to the fact that LGBTQ+ people are here to stay and our country is not progressing on LGBTQ+ inclusion. “We have always existed” and “We will always exist” speak to the past and future of the LGBTQ+ people. Together, the three pieces represent the past, present, and future of queer people in America. 

Shady Kimzey is a queer, non-binary artist based in Efland, NC. Their work often depicts themes of intuition, feminism, symbolism, witchcraft, society, and the natural world. They enjoy thinking about pop culture and the future. Shady enjoys surrealism, absurdism, abstract art, and art that deals with culture and society. TJ Mundy is a Black-biracial, trans non-binary, queer artist originally from Virginia, now residing in NC. They are firmly anti-disciplinarian. In their practice they use vibrant colors, weighted lines, and intuitive movements to express themself. When you see their art, you are seeing their internal processing.


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