Bi Sci Fi: Thicker than Blood

Nov 1, 2012 | 2012 Fall - Traveling While Bi, Articles, Reviews

By Robyn Ochs

When Avery Vanderlyle decided to get serious about writing erotica and romance, she looked for small presses with calls for submissions. “Rather than submit a novel and hope the publisher would like it, I searched on the web until I found topics that interested me for planned anthologies,” she explained. “As a bi woman, I was especially excited that Storm Moon Press had a bisexual anthology planned. The theme was post-apocalyptic stories. I love writing science fiction, too, so I submitted a story called ‘Thicker than Blood” about nanotechnology.”

The editor contacted Avery and told her there hadn’t been enough interest to proceed with the anthology, but they wanted to publish the story as a stand-alone e-book. Storm Moon Press is a queer-owned press committed to publishing bi and trans erotica and general fiction as part of their catalog.

“Thicker than Blood” was released on August 3rd and is available from the publisher and other e-book retailers in various electronic formats. The story follows David, who has kept his secrets all his life: not only is he bisexual, but he was born with nanobots that give him increased intelligence and creativity. David’s life is changed forever when he meets Ayana, a performer with nanotechnology tatooed onto her skin.

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