Bi & Prejudice 
by Anna Kochetova

Mar 1, 2023 | 2023 Spring - Bodily Autonomy, Privacy, and Choice, 2

Reviewed by Jini Zuniga

Bi & Prejudice by Anna Kochetova is a short memoir outlining the author’s journey of pride, marginalization, and search for equilibrium in the world as a bisexual woman.  She begins her book by conscientiously acknowledging her privilege and outlining her intent for the book—to generate thoughtful, honest, and safe conversations about bisexuality. Throughout her short, but sweet, 85-page story, Anna achieves just that.  

Born and raised in Russia, Anna now resides in Australia as an author, poetess, activist, and social media strategist for non-profits around the country.  She is also a regular writer for our very own Bi Women Quarterly.  You can find her previous work here: and also see more from her on Instagram via @biandprejudice. 

Introducing each chapter with moving original poetry, Anna shares the account of her personal evolution toward understanding and growing into what being bisexual means for her.  In her quest to “connect the dots,” Anna starts by describing the absence of a word that explained her identity or feelings before carefully threading that experience through the topics of stigma, assumption, presumption, gender-norms, prejudice, bi-erasure, truthfulness, and courage. She is honest, open, and considerate in her narration and remains simultaneously unwavering in her personal convictions and affirming her readers’ lived experiences or interpretations.  

While you’re not likely to find any earth-shattering revelations in this book if you’re a “seasoned” bisexual, it can easily be enjoyed as a compassionate and energizing pick-me-up if you’re in need of validation for yourself or a bright spot in your day.  Equally, this book could be shared to help somebody you love to understand more about the multi-faceted realities within the bisexual community. In either case, you will enjoy Anna Kochetova’s Bi & Prejudice.    

Jini Zuniga is the proud mother of a four-year-old cutie-pants-kiddo, who brings joy and light to each day. She currently resides in Hampton, Virginia, where she teaches middle school band and is working on her Masters in School Counseling.  In her spare time, Jini studies issues of equity and social justice and spends time volunteering. 

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