Jun 27, 2021 | 2018 Winter - What I Want, Poetry

By Jo-Anne Carlson

I sang a song, once,
Screaming the words:
“Give Me Time!”
I wanted “one day to get away”
Time “to breathe in the sunrise”
To remember “what it’s like to sleep at night.”

A month or so ago,
I had no idea that
I wanted to rediscover old notions,
Become the butterfly of change,
But here I am, a chrysalis.
The bursting of my cocoon is nigh.

I will, on some tomorrow,
Be terrified of this thing I’ve begun,
And shiver in the sheets:
“There’s a lion in the streets!”
But after, I will spread my wings,
And aspire.

All I want, then,
Is to give my best,
Put life to the test,
My fears to rest, and,
End that quest.

Jo-Anne Carlson is a writer, artist, and musician. She loves hearing from friends, so feel free to drop her a line at

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