Art from Jo-Anne Carlson’s “Cara” Series

Jul 28, 2021 | 2016 Summer - Labels

This piece and three others can be found in the “Cara” Series by Jo-Anne Carlson, also found in this issue.

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From the Editor: Labels

Dear Reader, This month’s theme is Labels, a subject I spend considerable time pondering. I am a campus speaker, and one of my workshops is Choosing to Label: What’s in a Name. I could have filled this entire issue with my thoughts about labels. My intention was to...

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Label me with a B

By Rev. Francesca Bongiorno Fortunato I’ve been calling myself bisexual since I was eleven years old and have never (as far as my orientation was concerned) even considered using another label as my primary (though I do feel that “queer,” as an umbrella term, includes...

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Queer: My Non-Label Label

By L.B. Klein Like many folks who navigate the world as a woman, labels have always been assigned to me. When I was 13, a close friend told me that I was a “dyke” and that was a reason to rape me. When I was 14 and read books by feminist authors, a classmate wrote...

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