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Jul 9, 2021 | 2013 Winter - Mixed Marriages

According to a new publication recently issued by GLAAD: “Where We Are on TV Report: 2012-2013 Season,” only one-third of the 50 LGBT regular or recurring characters currently on scripted broadcast primetime television are women. Of these, 10 (20%) are lesbians, seven (14%) are bisexual women and one (2%) is a transgender woman. Of the 32 men, two (4%) are bi.

On cable, bi women represent 15% of LGBT characters while bisexual men only represent eight percent.

Returning characters
On Bones, bi forensics expert Angela Montenegro continues to be a part of the series as it enters its eighth season. The popular drama Revenge features bisexual Nolan. The Good Wife has bisexual investigator Kalinda Sharma (see featured image). Adrianna Tate-Duncan will continue to be a part of the series when it returns on 90210/The CW. Callie Torres will continue on Grey’s Anatomy.

New characters
NBC’s new drama, Chicago Fire, features Leslie Shay, an out lesbian EMT and will introduce Clarice, her bisexual ex-girlfriend in a recurring capacity. Evelyn is returning to Two and A Half Men after she started dating a woman last season. And the lesbian/bi couple Santana and Brittany will be returning to Glee. Syfy recently started airing Lost Girl, a Canadian drama which follows a bisexual “succubus” named Bo and two lesbian characters.

On cable, lesbian and bi characters include Tara Thornton and Pam De Beaufort on True Blood (HBO), Dr. Eleanor O’Hara on Nurse Jackie (Showtime), and Diana Barrigan on White Collar (USA).

Source: GLAAD, “Where We Are on TV Report: 2012-2013 Season http://www.glaad.org/publications/whereweareontv12

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