A Form(ing) of Love

Sep 1, 2021 | 2021 Fall - Bodies, Poetry

By D. W.

I wanted my body to get away from me
I was tired of living in a crime scene
My skin didn’t feel like mine anymore
I am not sure it ever did

I always felt like I was playing dress up
Wearing the echoes of society’s ideals
Putting on a drag show even when alone

What does it mean to be (wo)man?
Am I insecure because I feel like I don’t fit in
Or do I not fit in (to myself)

Then the thought of them arrived
I came to meet them with a soft and tender kiss
Slowly drawing myself into their skin

I found me
I molded myself together
Chiseled away the excess
Carved myself out

And underneath it all,
I was beautiful
Underneath it all,
I was me

D.W. (she/they) is a survivor of domestic violence and recently came out as gender fluid. This is a poem dedicated to them, their body, and all that they have been through together.

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