Jun 1, 2024 | 2024 Summer - More than One Letter, Poetry

By Aurora Jane Wells

they say we are pests
we appear everywhere
take up space
corrupt all we touch
we have chosen a life of evil
deviant, deficient, parasitic, infectious
but we rise
we are brave
we look them in the face and we tell them
you were wrong
we continue to grow
we blossom
we embrace ourselves in the face of hate
give ourselves what we have been denied
or what was taken from us
and we grow
and each time one of us stands up to a world that doesn’t want us to exist
somewhere out there is a little baby dandelion
who now knows that we have a right to simply be
and we are not broken and they were wrong about us
this is why we are proud

Aurora Jane Wells is a bisexual feminist writer living in Ontario, Canada. “My writing is for the reader and its meaning is what it means to you,” says Aurora Jane. “If it gives you pause or makes you feel seen, I have done my job.”

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