Untitled – ’19

Sep 1, 2021 | 2021 Fall - Bodies, Poetry

By Miles Joyner

I am a woman

Not the kind to call
Ma’am or Miss
While kissing my hand.

I am a woman

Because the world sees
Flowers, a Venus
Emerging from the sea
I am a woman

In appearance alone, I sit
Atop a throne

Draped in femininity,

Hesitantly owned
Unsure how
I will shred the burden

Of Womanhood

Men touch, feel
Welcome to my body
Like the ocean on sand

Eroding me

All I want is
To be still, a wave
Without a crash

I am a woman

I dress like a man
I’m bold, I’m told
I do not feel it

Not woman,

Not man
I’m unfinished, a part
Of a universal plan

I am a flood

No longer at bay
I raise my hand
Out flows “They”

Miles Joyner is a bisexual activist in South Carolina. They enjoy attempting poetry in their free time. 

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