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Jun 17, 2021 | 2020 Summer - Connections, Poetry

By Robin Renée

Rectangular miracles
make ritual
charoset and horseradish
hand washing and wine
We count ten plagues plus one,
a celebration of freedom
in solitude.
Invocations of air, fire, water, the greening earth
We welcome spring, then Beltane’s Maypole dance,
idealized in mind.
The church of sweat, glitter, 1 am grind
now simultaneous sign-on to Spotify playlist
new wave bedroom dress-up, 7 pm.
BYO coffee to the poly chat:
“How to find partners when no one is meeting?”
“Picnic date six feet apart?”
“Do you tell your children?”
Connection/immersion in deep details
recall Elvis Costello at The Spectrum, then The Tower,
Steve Nieve gorgeous piano improv from Paris, daily, 1pm
Yacht Rock DJ on Discord at 10,
plan for DEVOtional, red energy domes in Cleveland,
buy Church of the SubGenius face masks, praise “Bob.”
Check the xxx fun of those adventurers sheltering together
and willing to share.
New desires with an old friend emerge. Perfect timing.
No need to celebrate Masturbation Month entirely alone.
Online concerts, Facebook Live, nervous merging old and
must do
I show up, cloaked in Impostor Syndrome and serene smile
ready with guitar and voice and poems.
Irony: less travel equals more music to play, more to hear.
Late night tragicomics, from their homes, save the day.
I dream the grand lovers’ reunion
when not only our hearts, but bodies are free
to dive right in.

Performing songwriter Robin Renée’s recordings include In Progress, All Six Senses, Live Devotion,, and This. She is a co-host of The Leftscape Podcast and is the winner of the 2019 Brenda Howard Memorial Award for bisexual visibility and activism.

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