Quiet But Not Silent

Mar 1, 2023 | 2023 Spring - Bodily Autonomy, Privacy, and Choice, 2

By Zoey Yang

ARTIST STATEMENT: This depiction of a serene nude model resting on a chair was painted from life. The dominant blue color scheme contributes to the overall tranquility, yet one can sense an element of turbulence introduced by traces of raw amber. The background is governed by vertical brushstrokes, further enhancing the truth that her internal thoughts are disintegrating and melting away under the well-preserved mask of calmness. This revelation of one’s vulnerability reflects my observation of minority groups in society, of how they are obligated to appear composed and undisturbed when in fact, their beliefs are challenged daily.

Zoey Yang (she/her) is a fine artist and painter currently based in Montréal, Canada. Her works are often highly personal, as she perceives the process of making them as a way to find resolution and bring peace to problems she struggles with, stemming, for the most part, from self-reflection and family issues.

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