News Briefs: Bi + Health

Mar 2, 2022 | 2022 Spring - Bi+ Health

ANDREA JENKINS has been elected by her fellow city council members in Minneapolis, Minnesota to serve as the city council president. Jenkins is the first out trans person to ever serve as a city council president in the U.S. and, because she also identifies as bi, she is the first out bi and trans city council president in the U.S. In 2020, she became a national figure and leader as protests erupted over the murder of George Floyd, who was killed in her council district. She called his murder “a symbol for a knee on the neck of Black America” and demanded racism be treated as a public health crisis. (Source: Victory Institute)

Out bi speedskater IREEN WÜST, who is from the Netherlands, set an Olympic record onFebruary7th with a record-setting first-place finish in the 1,500-meter speedskating race. Wüst is the first LGBTQ Olympian to win a gold medal in Beijing. She is the most decorated out Olympian ever.

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