Beyond Bodies // The Knowing

Sep 1, 2021 | 2021 Fall - Bodies, Poetry

By Robyn Walters

Two spirits meet, before all time.
As spirits can, they intertwine.
And the knowing comes.

Born then on earth, but worlds apart,
The knowing hides within the heart.
But it will come again.

Through years all filled with joy and pain,
Of searching for the truth in vain,
The knowing does not die.

And then a spark in fear’s dark void,
Remembrance of life enjoyed.
The knowing seeks to wake.

Chance meeting then, against all odds
Of men, of course, but not of God’s.
And knowing stirs anew.

Meeting then, as meet they must.
Developing a soul-deep trust.
The knowing shares its love.

Eyes open wide, and hearts do sing
As peace flows through this opening.
The knowing sings its song.

And then it ends, as earth time will.
Hearts just slowing – finally still.
The knowing sheds a tear.

Two spirits meet, beyond all time.
As spirits do, they intertwine.
And knowing turns to one.

As a transelder, Robyn knows quite a bit about moving from one sense and form of body to another. Some occur only once. Others can occur in any large body of water. 

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